Educational projects

“A child can ask questions that a wise man cannot answer…”

In 1996, Action Charity Trust opened a reading room with educational books in Uzuakoli. The community has been taking advantage of this facility for the last 12 years. We hope to further address the needs of this community by establishing a non-sectarian primary school. Nigeria has a history of inter-religious riots. There has been rampant inter-cult violence and murders amongst the students in University campuses in the area. The universities have asked the promoters of this project to act in an advisory role to address the problem.

Educational activities for the children in their formative years, based upon our guiding principles – “Unity in Diversity” would go a long way to addressing and solving this problem. In order to be truly effective, we need to ensure that children grow up in a more tolerant and compassionate environment.

One of the main purposes of the educational programme will be to instill in the students a greater sense of self-worth and pride in their culture, and through greater exposure to alien cultures, more tolerance and appreciation of other people’s differences.

Although there are religious and secular schools in the town and in the area, there is no school that will place emphasis on developing non-sectarian human and spiritual values in a way that will harmonize, integrate and unify the community for the future.


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